Nickel Plating Additive Series

Guangdong Bigely Technology Co .,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Pre-treatment product series. The production plant is fully equipped, Welcome to wholesale Pre-treatment product series. Pre-treatment product series Zinc Plating Additives, Acid Copper Brightener, Electroless Nickel Additives, Pre-treatment product series for electronics from us.

  • Ni-117 nickel plating brightener has good leveling performance, good brightness, excellent plating solution dispersion performance, and good brightness in low and medium current density areas. It can be used for electroplating of deep hole workpieces, and is suitable for rack nickel plating and barrel nickel plating of various products.

  • Suitable for barrel nickel plating process for products with complex shapes such as watches, iewelry, hardware accessories, etc.

  • Ni-301 bright nickel electroplating process has good leveling, fast light, extraordinary brightness. If the tank is operated at 49℃, the leveling and brightness will not be lost. Chromium has good acceptance of nickel without white water lines, which makes this process a good choice to obtain good nickel coating in a short time.

  • ( 1 ) The coating is bright blue and has good decorative properties . ( 2 ) The coating has good brightness, toughness and chromium coating performance. ( 3 ) Less organic decomposition products and high tolerance to impurities. ( 4 ) The plating solution is stable and easy to control and maintain.

  • Ni-320 is an improved highly active nickel coating. The coating is deposited between the sulfur-free semi-gloss nickel and full-gloss nickel double-layer nickel system. It is the most economical and effective way to improve the corrosion resistance of the coating.

  • Ni-331. is a new sulfur-free nickel plating process, which can produce a coating with good ductility, moderate brightness and good leveling properties.<br> This process is used as a base layer for multi-layer nickel plating and is suitable for iron and copper parts, zinc die-cast parts and polished copper surfaces. <br> <br> Because of the moderate coating thickness, this combined coating can provide excellent corrosion protection (especially in Step, CASS and Corrodkote tests).<br> <br> There is no need for periodic batch purification.

  • Ni -331 . A Species new sulfur-free nickel plating process , which can produce a good ductility, the light moderately, good fill of the coating . Such nickel plating process as a multilayer primed layer , for iron and copper pieces , zinc die casting and polished copper surface. Because having a moderate in coating thickness, this binding coating provides superior of corrosion protection (in particular in the Step, CASS and Corrodkote test in). There is no need for periodic batch purification .

  • After the Ni-351 microporous nickel plating process is used together with Bigley's copper, semi-gloss nickel, all-gloss nickel and chromium processes, the number of micro-holes provided can reach more than 30,000/cm², which can greatly increase the nickel The corrosion resistance of the layer meets or exceeds all current OEM specifications. Simple operation and easy management.

  • Suitable for multi-layer nickel electroplating process for automobiles, motorcycles, metal furniture, bathroom parts and accessories

  • Especially suitable for multi-layer nickel plating process with strict anti-corrosion performance.<br> Contain an amount of conductive particulate additive is not uniformly distributed on the bright nickel layer, ( . 3 million or more pores / cm), so that the chromium layer is formed on the porous chromium, thereby improving the corrosion resistance.

  • The use of Ni-362 pearl nickel additive can obtain a fine and smooth matt white coating on copper, nickel and other coatings. Because of its crystal surface, matt color with luster, and crystal grains resembling the arrangement of countless pearls, it is called pearl nickel and is now widely used It is used for electroplating on the nickel layer of jewelry, watch accessories, kitchenware, sanitary ware, electrical appliances, decorations and auto parts. If the surface is plated with gold, silver, chromium, palladium nickel alloy, etc., it will be more elegant.