Post-treatment products

Guangdong Bigely Technology Co .,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Pre-treatment product series. The production plant is fully equipped, Welcome to wholesale Pre-treatment product series. Pre-treatment product series Zinc Plating Additives, Acid Copper Brightener, Electroless Nickel Additives, Pre-treatment product series for electronics from us.

  • Copper, nickel, chromium and other electroplating layers on stainless steel hangers can be removed at one time under near neutral conditions, without damage to the hangers, without hexavalent chromium and cyanide, and without harmful gases at work. It is a new environmentally friendly product.

  • It can remove copper, nickel and chromium coating on stainless steel hook at one time, with fast deplating speed and energy saving. It has good protection performance on hangers. Compared with general hangers, the service life of hangers can be extended by 2-3 times. This product does not contain hexavalent chromium and cyanide, no harmful gas escape during work, reduce safety risks; Easy to clean, especially suitable for automatic production line.

  • The dehydrating agent is suitable for use before the metal coating is dried. It can quickly remove the moisture on the metal surface, improve the water stains formed when the workpiece is dried, and effectively protect and extend the oxidation and discoloration of the metal surface in the air, without affecting the gloss and gloss of the metal surface. Physical properties, it is an ideal material for surface treatment.