High-sulfur nickel additives

High-sulfur nickel additives

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Product Description

High-sulfur nickel additives

Ni-320 high sulfur nickel additive

Ni -320 is an improved high activity nickel flash coating , which coating Shen product of sulfur in the semi-gloss nickel between the nickel duplex nickel all-optical system, it is the most cost-effective to improve corrosion resistance of the coating .


1. As a layer of impact nickel plating between bright nickel and semi-bright nickel .

2. The sulfur content of the coating can reach 0.1-0.3% , and the potential difference between it and semi-bright nickel is 160-180 millivolts .

3 . Used when high corrosion resistance is needed, it can greatly improve corrosion resistance

4 . The plating solution is stable and has a long service life .

Product Process

Bath composition


Nickel Sulfate 2 5 0- 30 0 g / l280 g / l

Nickel chloride35 - 45 g of / l40 g / l

Boron acid 40-50 g / l45 g / l

A Ni- . 3 20 is high-sulfur nickel-added agent10-12 ml / liter10 mL / L

saccharin1-2 g / l . 1 .5 g of / l

Ni-382 nickel plating wetting agent1-3 ml / liter2 mL / L

Operating conditions



temperature40-45 ℃40 ℃

Current density1-3 amps / dm2 ampere / square decimeter

StirAir agitationAir agitation

filterContinuous filtrationContinuous filtration

Production maintenanceNi-320 high sulfur nickel additive500-600 ml / one thousand ampere

Sugar fine 20-30 g / one thousand ampere

Ni-382 nickel plating wetting agent2-10 ml / one thousand ampere


High sulfur nickel additives

High sulfur nickel brightener

High sulfur nickel brightener

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