Why is water-soluble acidic zinc plating brightener more effective?

Why is water-soluble acidic zinc plating brightener more effective?

Tue May 30 16:50:18 CST 2023

We all know that oily acidic zinc plating brighteners have high COD values due to the presence of surfactants or additives, making wastewater treatment more difficult. Therefore, we can use water-soluble acidic zinc plating brighteners to solve this problem.

Guangdong Bigley Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales, and service. Bigley has been engaged in research and development, production, and sales of water-soluble acidic zinc plating brighteners for 16 years. With rich production experience and a complete service system, it has gained recognition and trust from domestic and foreign customers. Bigley's water-soluble acidic zinc plating brightener BZ-525 uses a water-soluble low foam formula and is suitable for chloride salt zinc plating processes in potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, or ammonium potassium mixed baths. It has the following five characteristics:

1. The main light agent is completely water-soluble, using a low foam formula, without irritating odor, with good washing performance, and does not contain any surfactants, additives, or alcohol additives. The COD value in the wastewater is low, which can meet environmental discharge standards.

2. The galvanized layer has good brightness, fine crystallization, low brittleness, good alignment and filling performance, and good ductility.

3. The plating solution has good resistance to impurities, with less impurities in the coating, making it easy to passivate. During barrel plating production, there will be no roller hole marks, and the corrosion resistance of the coating is greatly improved compared to oil.

4. The decomposition products of additives are less, and the bath has good chemical stability, which can effectively reduce the treatment frequency of the bath, thus saving the cost of bath treatment and maintenance.

5. Widely applicable, both barrel plating and hanging plating production can be used, and it is directly compatible with oily additives and can be directly transferred to the groove.

So, water-soluble acidic zinc plating brightener BZ-525 like Bigley would be more effective. If you are interested in this water-soluble acidic zinc plating brightener, please contact Bigley customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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