Bigley water-soluble acidic zinc plating additive is highly popular in the Jiangsu market

Bigley water-soluble acidic zinc plating additive is highly popular in the Jiangsu market

Sat Jul 15 16:19:07 CST 2023

In recent months, the water-soluble acidic zinc plating additive BZ-525 independently developed by Bigley has been popular in the Jiangsu market due to its environmentally friendly zinc plating brightener.

This water-soluble acid zinc plating additive BZ-525 has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high salt, high current efficiency and good brightness of traditional acid zinc plating additives, low foam, low brittleness of zinc after plating, good corrosion resistance, and good dispersion and deep plating performance of alkaline zinc plating brightener. The specific performance is as follows:

1. On ordinary steel workpieces, it has the characteristics of fast light emission speed and good appearance brightness of traditional acidic zinc plating additives, which can meet the decorative zinc plating requirements of complex workpieces.

2. On high carbon steel polished workpieces, traditional zinc plating additives are difficult to meet the requirements: deep hole positions are difficult to plate, and increasing current density can cause the coating to become brittle. The traditional process uses acid zinc plating followed by alkaline zinc plating. Due to the complexity and high cost of this process, Bigley's acid zinc plating additive can precisely solve this problem.

3. On standard workpieces, traditional acidic zinc plating additives can cause uneven zinc coating and significant color differences after passivation. Poor fullness. After using water-soluble acidic zinc plating additive BZ-525, the zinc coating is uniform, the color after passivation is uniform, and the brightness is full. In addition, using BZ-525 in barrel plating production can improve the light output speed, reduce barrel plating production time, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.

4. On cast iron workpieces, when alkaline zinc plating process is generally used, the current efficiency is low and the zinc coating speed is slow; When using traditional zinc acid zinc plating additives for production, the dispersion and brittleness of the coating are poor, making it difficult to meet the requirements of cast iron castings. The water-soluble acidic zinc plating additive BZ-525 can effectively solve this problem, with high current efficiency and low brittleness of the coating. It is particularly suitable for zinc plating on iron castings, steel castings, and zinc aluminum die castings in automotive and motorcycle parts.

Therefore, due to the water soluble acidic zinc plating additive BZ-525, which has the characteristics of non brittleness and high salt spray performance of thick zinc plating like alkaline zinc plating process, and its high current efficiency, it can shorten electroplating time and meet the decorative and functional requirements of various galvanized workpieces. This is also the reason why it is popular in the Jiangsu market. If you are interested in water-soluble acidic zinc plating additives, please contact Bigley customer service to obtain free samples and detailed technical information!

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