• Because several customers require that the workpiece should have a deep color passivation appearance that is resistant to salt spray, but the color zinc passivation agent that Mr. Ma has been using can't make the dark color, and the darker color will turn green, the color is very ugly, and the salt spray resistance effect of the workpiece is also poor.So Mr. Ma wants to find a trivalent chromium color zinc passivator with deep color and salt fog resistance.

    Mon Mar 13 08:51:11 CST 2023

  • In the process of using semi-gloss nickel plating additives, we often encounter such problems as poor leveling effect of the coating, high stress of the coating, or too many decomposition products and large amount of additives in the production process.Where can I buy semi-gloss nickel plating additives with high cost performance?

    Sat Mar 11 08:47:34 CST 2023

  • In recent years, alkaline zinc-nickel alloy has been widely used in automobile, military and other industries due to its high corrosion resistance, low brittleness, weldability and machinability.Since there are a wide variety of alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additives on the market, which supplier of alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additives should we choose?

    Tue Mar 07 09:28:43 CST 2023

  • Due to the rapid development of zinc-nickel alloy process in recent years, it is very popular in automobile parts, aircraft, military products and other industries, and the price and performance of various zinc-nickel alloy additives on the market vary, so which zinc-nickel alloy additive should we choose?

    Thu Mar 02 08:53:06 CST 2023

  • However, because the technical formula, concentration, dosage and use effect of each type of passivation agent are different, many customers are more concerned about the price of trivalent chromium color passivator per kilogram when purchasing?Will cheaper prices save more costs?In fact, low consumption is very important!

    Sat Feb 25 09:02:49 CST 2023

  • In the face of today's dazzling electroplating additive market, we want to buy a high-quality nickel plating brightener. Where should we buy it at ease?

    Tue Feb 21 09:17:23 CST 2023