• The nickel electroplating process is highly favored in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, especially because it provides a coating that is significantly more resistant to wear. The coating produced by nickel plating forms a dense, uniform metallic layer that protects the base material and reduces friction, thereby reducing wear.

    Wed Jun 12 08:54:06 CST 2024

  • In the nickel electroplating production, the big consumption of barrel nickel brightener will undoubtedly increase the cost of production, so it is necessary to understand the causes of such phenomena.

    Tue Jun 11 10:55:17 CST 2024

  • Zinc-nickel alloy plating has been put into production applications in the field of electroplating production due to its good corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and other advantages. In order to ensure the quality of the plated layer, the zinc-nickel alloy plated product usually needs to be passivated, of which black passivation is a very important method. Bigely zinc-nickel alloy black passivator plays a major role in electroplating production in the following ways:

    Thu Jun 06 11:47:07 CST 2024

  • The aging of plastic coarsening additives can be judged by several key indicators, which are commonly used parameters in the electroplating industry to measure the state of the electroplating solution. To determine whether the coarsening additives are aging, it is usually necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:

    Tue Jun 04 13:36:50 CST 2024

  • Some friends said that they need to use fluorine-free trivalent chromium blue passivate for their galvanizing production line, but after trying several passivates, the results are not ideal. Some of the color is not blue enough; some passivation color is not uniform, there will be spots; some passivation salt spray effect is very poor, a few hours on the white rust. So is there a more used fluorine-free trivalent chromium blue passivator?

    Sat Jun 01 13:58:10 CST 2024

  • When we use high-speed bright tin plating additives, we always come across such problems as easy discoloration and turbidity of the plated layer, uneven color of the plated layer and so on, and the existence of these problems will seriously affect the quality of the plated layer and the efficiency of production. Today we would like to introduce a reliable high-speed bright tin plating additive Sn-819.

    Fri May 31 13:55:35 CST 2024