• Tin plating brighteners are additives used in the tin plating process that have a significant effect on the roughness of the tin plated layer. The mechanism of action of brighteners usually involves influencing the way the crystals of the plated layer grow, inducing the formation of finer, more homogeneous grains, which in turn gives the plated layer a better appearance, smoothness and finish. Below are a few specific effects of tin brighteners on the roughness of the plated layer:

    Thu Mar 28 08:23:02 CST 2024

  • Acid copper plating process is a plating process that uses an acidic copper sulfate solution as the electrolyte. The process utilizes a DC power source to deposit a thin layer of pure copper on a metallic or conductive surface. Acid copper plating is often used to improve the conductivity of a product, enhance its appearance and increase corrosion resistance.

    Tue Mar 26 09:11:02 CST 2024

  • In the production of electroplating nickel, the consumption of barrel plating nickel brightener is large, which will undoubtedly increase the production cost, so it is necessary to understand the causes of such phenomena.

    Fri Mar 22 08:21:19 CST 2024

  • Chrome plating is a metallic film of chrome (Cr) applied to the surface of an object by an electrolytic process. This chrome film can be very thin, typically no more than 1 micron as in decorative chrome plating, or it can be thicker, such as hard chrome plating (hard chrome) which may be 20 microns or more thick. Chrome plating is generally recognized as having the following properties and benefits:

    Thu Mar 21 08:45:49 CST 2024

  • In bright potassium chloride galvanizing process, the pH value of plating solution is one of the key factors affecting the selection of current density. Bright potassium chloride galvanizing is a galvanizing method with additives to produce bright coating. In this process, the correct pH value is important to obtain good coating characteristics.

    Fri Mar 15 08:55:13 CST 2024

  • In the production of nickel plating, if you don't add brightener, then the quality of the plating of the goods made will certainly be limited, affecting the production efficiency of the plating plant, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of the use of nickel plating brightener? This issue of the article we take stock.

    Tue Mar 12 08:20:09 CST 2024