• We know that in the copper-nickel-chromium plating process, there are often a variety of failures, in which the poor bonding of the plated layer is a plater often encountered, then, this issue of the article we will discuss the use of alloy chemical degreasing powder, what are the things need to pay attention to, so as to ensure that the bonding of the plated layer is good.

    Fri Jun 21 09:30:33 CST 2024

  • What are the characteristics of steel oil removal powder, we will talk about it today.

    Fri Jun 21 09:14:31 CST 2024

  • In the process of using zinc-nickel alloy natural color passivator, when there is a problem with the passivation film, such as blue passivation film, is this caused by the problem of passivator? Actually, it's not. Maybe it's the plating solution.

    Thu Jun 20 08:51:11 CST 2024

  • ABS plastic plating products are a variety of products in which a metal film is plated on the surface of an ABS plastic product through a specific plating technique.ABS plastic plating offers many of the advantages of metal, such as a metallic sheen, improved chemical and physical durability, and improved appearance and texture, while maintaining the lightweight and cost-effectiveness of plastic.

    Wed Jun 19 09:30:56 CST 2024

  • What is colloidal palladium used for in the plastic plating process? Some people may say that colloidal palladium is used for activation. Then if you ask further, why is it necessary to carry out the activation process in the plastic plating process? It is estimated that some people will not be able to answer. This issue of the article we will take stock of the logic.

    Wed Jun 19 08:35:42 CST 2024

  • Stabilizers play a vital role in electroless copper plating solutions. Electroless copper plating is the use of chemical reducing agents to reduce copper ions in solution to metallic copper, so as to form a layer of uniform and dense copper plating on the surface of the object to be plated. Stabilizers are added to control the reduction rate of copper ions to prevent roughness of the layer or even flaking of the layer due to too fast reduction.

    Tue Jun 18 11:55:26 CST 2024