What are the applications for ABS plastic plating products?

What are the applications for ABS plastic plating products?

Wed Jun 05 09:40:16 CST 2024

ABS plastic plating products are a variety of products in which a metal film is plated on the surface of an ABS plastic product through a specific plating technique.ABS plastic plating offers many of the advantages of metal, such as a metallic sheen, improved chemical and physical durability, and improved appearance and texture, while maintaining the lightweight and cost-effectiveness of plastic.

ABS plastic plating products are used in many fields, such as:

①Automotive industry: vehicle interior and exterior decorative parts, logos, door handles, etc;

② Household appliances: shower heads, washing machines and refrigerator decorative parts;

③Electronic products: cell phone shells, computer mice and other computer accessories;

④Bathroom accessories: various showers and other bathroom decorative parts;

⑤ Consumer goods: toys, fashion accessories, cosmetic packaging, eyeglass frames, etc;

⑥ Office equipment: office supplies, writing instruments, etc.

ABS plastic plating products often combine aesthetics, utility, and cost-effectiveness, making them very popular in both industrial and consumer markets. Plating let plastic products achieve a look and feel similar to all-metal components at a lower cost without adding significant weight to the product.

However, in the actual plating production, plating factories often encounter plastic plating products leakage plating situation, this is why? The reason lies in not choosing the suitable additives, Bigely electroless nickel plating additives for plastics, it is a low-temperature electroless nickel, plating quickly without leakage, can be a layer of pre-plated nickel for plastic plating products, so that the subsequent plating layer and the substrate to maintain a good bonding force.

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