Semi-bright nickel additive

Ni -331 . A Species new sulfur-free nickel plating process , which can produce a good ductility, the light moderately, good fill of the coating . Such nickel plating process as a multilayer primed layer , for iron and copper pieces , zinc die casting and polished copper surface. Because having a moderate in coating thickness, this binding coating provides superior of corrosion protection (in particular in the Step, CASS and Corrodkote test in). There is no need for periodic batch purification .

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Product Description

Semi-bright nickel additive

Ni-331 semi-light bright Ni brightener

Description :

Ni -331 . A Species new sulfur-free nickel plating process , which can produce a good ductility, the light moderately, good fill of the coating . Such nickel plating process as a multilayer primed layer , for iron and copper pieces , zinc die casting and polished copper surface. Because having a moderate in coating thickness, this binding coating provides superior of corrosion protection (in particular in the Step, CASS and Corrodkote test in). There is no need for periodic batch purification .

Composition of bath ( new bath ) rangeRecommended value (the specific dosage depends on the actual situation )

Nickel Sulfate225-375g/l300 g/l

Nickel chloride30.0-37.5 g/l34.0 g/l

Boric acid41-50 g/l45 g/l

Ni -331A softener8-12 ml/L1 2 ml/L

Ni -331B leveling agent0.5 -2.5ml/L1 ml/L

Ni -331C supplement0.25-0.5 ml/L0.25 ml/L

Ni - 382 wetting agent1-3 ml/L2 ml/L


Operating conditions:

PH ( PH meter)3.6-4.0

temperature54-60 ℃

Cathode current density3-8 Ampere /dm ²

Anode current density1-3 amps / DM ²

StirRequires air agitation filtered by a low-pressure blower

filterContinuous filtration through Darco S-51 or G-60 activated carbon

ventilationRecommended for ventilation


Bath composition

Nickel effect: the nickel component is used is determined current one of maximum density factor, which make possible through an anode maintained at a constant dissolution, however, this bath may be compared to other types of nickel-groove inefficient, require the addition of a nickel salt Maintain nickel content. Because of a limit of the chlorine content, recommended to maintain high sulfate of nickel so that the current density range as wide as possible .

Sulfate of nickel chloride of nickel to be added to supplement out and mention pure loss , according to the nickel added value and chlorine analysis. The best way is to add the desired add material , fitted with an anode bag material made of a large bag, and it hung in a stirred tank moving the cathode rod or common to a particular device to add a large tank.



Maintain chlorine content there are two very important starting point , first, it helps to anodic dissolution; Second, it can improve conductive efficiency. However, the chlorine content cannot exceed 13.5 g/l ( equivalent to 45 gl/L nickel chloride ), otherwise it will seriously damage the color and physical properties of the coating . Best large chlorine content of about 12 g / l ( corresponding to 40 g / L chloride of nickel ).


Boric acid

Boric acid content for PH value is maintained , coating both uniformity, adhesion and ductility is quite important. It cannot be lower than 45 g/l. Unless the nickel content of the abnormal high time , when the content reaches this value not be harmful. Acid consumption due to a belt, according to the commuting analysis after add.


Ni-331A softener

Note: of Ni-331A softener can be iron metal material and POP using electroplating.

Ni- 331A softener is essential for obtaining fine, semi-bright coatings. Ni- 331A softener does not produce harmful substances. Through continuous carbon filtration, its loss will be very small. Ni- 331A softener is diluted with 2-3 times equal volume of water and added evenly along the entire surface of the tank. The consumption rate can be 25ml per kiloamp-hour as a standard until a more accurate rate for specific operations is established.


Ni-331B leveling agent

In the recommended concentration range, of Ni -331B leveler additional of Ni -331A softener, via through leveling to obtain a uniform coating is subsequently gloss nickel plating accepted. It is stable does not damage the product . Its main function is to provide good leveling and brightness in all current density ranges . Ni- 331A softener will not be lost after carbon core treatment .

Ni-331B leveling agent needs to be diluted with 2-3 times of water , and added evenly from the entire liquid surface of the tank , preferably a small amount for multiple times. The general addition rate is 125 ml/KAH until a more accurate rate is required .

Ni-331C supplement

Ni-331C supplement should be added several times in small amounts , and diluted with water 10 times before adding it to the electroplating tank . Too much of the supplement will cause the coating stress , lack of will damage the coating of smooth and bright. The dosage is 50 ml / KAH .


Ni- 382 wetting agent

Wetting agent Ni-382 is used to prevent pinholes in air-stirred tanks . Usually the amount used does not exceed 0.2 % by volume . Only this special product can be used in Bigley's semi-gloss solution , because many commercial products Not only ineffective, but also impurities that produce streaks, poor adhesion, and embrittlement of the coating. Wetting agent Ni-382 will be consumed due to carry-out , interaction with oil or grease, carbon treatment , and anode absorption to a certain degree . Its concentration needs to be tested twice a week . Wetting agent needs to be diluted with 2-3 times water , and work as required a small amount . If the surface tension is 39dynes / cm or less, the presence of pinholes while still , added wetting agent is also useless , this problem may be due to cleaning dirty or organic contamination, such impurities must be active Carbon to remove.


Copper control

Due to semi-gloss nickel- bath cover poor ability, copper is often a through through of Science dissolved introduced into the bath. Trash removal water is very effective for controlling copper. Note: Too much addition will reduce corrosion resistance.



The optimum temperature was 54-60 deg.] C . High temperatures can cause dark coating , uneven; low temperatures may cause the current area charred , dark .

Operating PH value ( maximum 4.0)

Bath PH optimum value is 3.8, the size depending on the bath of pure degree and the plating member shape . Is the eligible most smooth appearance and lubricating properties, must make possible close to the high operating range of conditions of the next action. PH of detecting ships ( each . 8 small when ) at least twice .PH value may be added to 10 % dilute sulfuric acid decreased , or filled with the filter carbonate of a nickel rise to high PH . PH low values ( < 3.5 = cause coating unevenness, uniform, matte and coating roughness ; PH value of the high ( > 4.0) of the case , the coating gray . If the predetermined time is added a brightening agent can not held plating bright , will detecting PH value . Do not use ammonia, hydrogen peroxide , sodium carbonate or sodium to adjust PH value .


Anode & Anode Bag

On titanium anode basket of electrolytic S - Nickel Ball and R & lt - Nickel balls are widely used, and and good performance. Carbon foil packet type nickel anodes likewise can be obtained very satisfactory results. Suitable The pressure adze type nickel anodes same can be successfully applied .

As for the auxiliary anode , the rolled carbon type Ni positive better choice . Because the anode is not wrapped. Is the guarantee does not appear plating coarse, all types of Ni anode are to be wrapped (except for rack and barrel plating related auxiliary anode ). It is recommended to use a 10-12 ounce cotton wool bag to wrap the electrolytic block in the anode bag or titanium basket .

Other suitable woven materials such as nylon and PP are suitable and can last longer than cotton bags . When using S Ni ball when , titanium anode basket to be wrapped up. Single-layer or double-layer thick cotton coarse cloth bags, no leakage, but shrunk after washing, can perform good performance. Use synthetic fabrics for the outer jacket material, such as nylon or PP and a lint-lined bag.



Is the best junction results , strongly recommended with good stirring embodiment . Stirring not so high current density at plating as is possible , but also for the wide current density obtained range uniform bright plating layer is also important .

For high current density , and all relevant most suitable operation, is strongly recommended the use of air agitation . Air and oil must not be a solid body pollutants , so must a low pressure blower . Recommends the blower inlet to the air feed line filter . Filter device would be blocked , should be periodically cleaned to ensure sufficient the air supply , air agitation must correct vigorous orientation stirring . We strongly recommend that the air agitation system and auxiliary equipment for air agitation should be inspected by Bigley before the solution is pumped into the tank.



Bath for continuous filtration is necessary . It can remove suspended particles ( such as iron hydroxide , carbon, dust, etc. ) and some unavoidable contaminants.



problemthe reasonsolution

1. Dim in the low area1. Copper pollution

2.PH >4.01. Use decontamination water or electrolysis under .3ASD

2. The PH reduced to 3.8-4.0

2. Sulfur pollutionPoor corrosion resistanceEliminate sulfur pollution sources

3. The coating is brittle1. Supplements are too high

2. Organic pollution1. Stop adding supplements

2. Carry out carbon or potassium permanganate treatment

4. Poor adhesion between semi-gloss nickel and glossy nickelImproper processSemi-gloss nickel- of the directly plated gloss nickel . (Not washed)

5. Rough horizontal frame1. Insufficient filtration

2. anode bags damaged1. Strengthen filtering

2. More changing anode bag

6. In between the electric current density region has the blue to atomized caseSemi-gloss nickel- bath over an amount into the gloss nickel slotPass through the carbon filtration re- circulation



Normal precautions

For the order of multi-layer nickel plating, it is best to transfer the semi-gloss nickel directly to the next nickel plating solution without washing. In addition, it is quite important that when using Begley semi-gloss nickel, prevent other nickel tanks The additives in the solution enter the tank. If a very small amount of sulfur-containing gloss agent is brought into the tank, the protection value determined by the accelerated corrosion test will be reduced. Therefore, all measures must be taken to prevent other nickel baths from passing Rubber, pumps, filters, storage tanks and splashes from one tank to another.

.Remove the grease, oil and burr mixture on the plated parts and in the solution to avoid accidental plating . This substance should be completely removed during cleaning and subsequent water washing. Film formation during water washing and acid leaching should be avoided . Any occurrence of acid leaching oil should be immediately removed or bath drained, washed with water, and pickling should be updated regularly change .

Drop hanger on the allowed material in the plating tank bottom deposition . They will dissolve contamination bath, should make fast to the removal of the pair of zinc die casting is particularly important.

Before nickel plating, the copper plating solution must be maintained in good condition, especially the copper plating with poor dye additives will cause the nickel plating to be rough, burnt, or grained copper plating will cause the nickel plating to have a two-section phenomenon.

It is important that the plating parts enter the plating solution quickly, and the current cannot be interrupted during the plating.

Ammonia water and ammonia salt are not easy to remove if they enter, so they must be prevented from entering the nickel tank.

Avoid chromium acid contamination of nickel slot. It produces consumption increases, dark coating , the coating brittle and blistering of the most rear cover also produce insufficient. If the nickel and chromium used to hang the same frame, the hanging frame must repair status good to avoid chromium fluid into hanging holder plating foaming at and cracks adversely affect . rack plating finished after the coating member from the hook is removed shelves, knocked off the solution. in the hanging shelf rack plating before the member hanging frame Thoroughly flush.

In the Ni- 331 . ( sulfur-free ) nickel process, the storage tank is an acidic solution. When handling nickel sulfate and acid , safety protection measures must be used , such as safety goggles , rubber gloves and other safety protections products. in the grooving and operating time , mouth, skin , eye must avoid contact with dust , inhalation of smoke , skin , eyes as being splashed into the liquid , to be washed with water immediately , and immediately sent to the hospital receiving treatment . eye must use a clean cold water continuous punch Sin reached 20 Fenzhong or more long .

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