High speed and low stress nickel additive

The process is amino sulfonic acid type nickel plating process. The semi-bright nickel coating has low stress and good ductility.

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Product Description

High speed and low stress nickel additive

Ni-1000 sulfamic acid electroplating process

1. Introduction

The process is amino sulfonic acid type nickel plating process. The semi-bright nickel coating has low stress and good ductility. It is extremely suitable to be used as the bottom layer of precious metals and common metal layers, and is widely used in the manufacturing of electronic components with high requirements such as printed circuit boards, semiconductors and connectors.

2. process characteristics

1, sulfamic acid type nickel plating additive, can obtain semi-bright, low stress, ductility good nickel plating layer;

2, Wide range of current density, can be plated at a higher current density, high plating speed;

3, high tolerance to metal impurities;

4, the coating contains very low or adjustable stress, the coating color is uniform and ductile, low porosity.

Composition of bath and operating conditions

Optimal value of parameter control range

Nickel sulfamate 400~800 mL/L 600 mL/L

Boric acid 35~45 g/L 40 g/L

Nickel chloride 5~15 g/L 10 g/L

NI-1000A softener 8~12 mL/L 10 mL/L

Ni-1000B leveling agent 0.1~ 0.3ml /L 0.2ml /L

NI-382 wetting agent 1~3 mL/L 2 mL/L

PH 3.5 ~ 4.5 4.0

Temperature 50 ~ 60 ℃ to 55 ℃

To stir strongly by air or machinery

Cathode current density 2~6 ASD 4 ASD

The anode is placed in a titanium basket containing nickel sulfide or platinum titanium

Equipment requirements

1. Steel tank lined with PVC, PVD or PP;

2. Rectifier ripple coefficient <5%;

3. Use 3 m PP filter element and filter bag;

4. Pump and filter equipment should be made of inert materials or lining;

5. Use PP anode bag;

6. Can't use pure electrolytic nickel as anode, should use rolling, demagnetization cast nickel or SD type nickel as anode material;

7. Use titanium anode hook and titanium basket;

8. Quartz or titanium heater;

9. Ventilation devices should be set up in the workplace.

Additive function and supplement

Energy consumption of additive

NI-1000A softener stress relief agent, positioning agent 150~250 mL/KAH

Ni-1000B leveling agent leveling agent, brightener 10~50 mL/KAH

NI-382 wetting agent pinhole elimination agent when necessary to add

plating solution maintenance

1. High purity nickel sulfonate concentrate for cylinder opening and replenishment of nickel in bath if necessary.

2. The bath pH value maintained at about 4.0 is the best, only with amino acid to reduce the pH value, with nickel carbonate to enhance the pH value.

3. When the organic pollution in the bath is too heavy, it is necessary to treat the bath with activated carbon. Please consult our technical staff.

4. The pollution of tin, lead and other metal magazines will affect the electroplating efficiency and the plating stress. The content of metal impurities must be controlled below 10ppm.

Disclaimer: All suggestions on our products in this technical document are based on the experiments and data trusted by our company. Operators and equipment vary from country to country, so the company cannot guarantee and is not responsible for any adverse consequences. None of the information contained in this Troubleshooting Method is evidence of copyright infringement.

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