Plastic electroplating additives series

Guangdong Bigely Technology Co .,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Pre-treatment product series. The production plant is fully equipped, Welcome to wholesale Pre-treatment product series. Pre-treatment product series Zinc Plating Additives, Acid Copper Brightener, Electroless Nickel Additives, Pre-treatment product series for electronics from us.

  • PL-60 swelling agent is a solvent-based swelling solution that can swell the surface of special polycarbonate resin. The purpose is to improve the uniformity of bite corrosion and promote the subsequent bonding between the electroless plating layer and the substrate force. PL-60 is supplied in two concentrated liquids, PL-60A and PL-60B, both of which are used for Solution Make-up and supplementing.

  • MACuPlex LE swelling agent PL-60 is a solvent-based swelling solution, applied to various resins before biting, the purpose is In order to improve the uniformity of bite and ensure good adhesion.