You can't solve your chromium fog troubles without understanding chromium fog inhibitors

You can't solve your chromium fog troubles without understanding chromium fog inhibitors

Thu Dec 07 09:10:27 CST 2023

When we carry out chromium plating process, we often encounter the phenomenon of chromium fog. How does it happen? What will be the impact on plating production? And how do we solve it?

Causes of chromium fog

Chromium plating process is divided into trivalent chromium plating and hexavalent chromium plating. In hexavalent chromium plating process, since the cathode current efficiency is only 10-15% and the anode is made of insoluble lead alloy, a large amount of hydrogen is generated at the cathode and a large amount of oxygen is generated at the anode. These gases carry large amounts of chromic acid and when it is released into the air, it forms fog pollutant, which is what we call chromium fog.

Hazards caused by chromium fog

In the production of chromium plating we will use mechanical ventilation equipment, but this can not completely clean chromium fog, which will bring two problems: on the one hand, the entire plating production line will be filled with pungent chromium fog. If you work for a long time in such a bad environment, it will seriously affect the health of the workers. On the other hand, the plating process cannot be monitored and problems arising from the plating process cannot be detected and dealt with in a timely manner. And then chromium fog contains additives and chromium anhydride, and a large amount of escaping chromium fog will undoubtedly result in the loss of chromium anhydride and additives after being extracted by the ventilation equipment. At this time, the electroplating plant needs to continue to add chromic anhydride and additives, so that the chromic anhydride and additives can not be fully used, and then cause a waste of raw materials, and increase the cost of plating.

CR-2 hard chromium additive

The above two hazards are just the tip of the iceberg, the generation of chromium fog has brought a lot of trouble to the normal production of electroplating plants, so what needs to be done to solve it? We can use Bigely hard chromium additive match with Bigely chromium fog inhibitor PL-2A, which does not contain PFOS, can inhibit the generation of chromium fog, which is conducive to reducing the large loss of chromic anhydride and additives, reducing the production cost of plating enterprises, and also protecting the health of the operating workers.

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