Why should cold rolled steel sheets need electrolytic degreasing?

Why should cold rolled steel sheets need electrolytic degreasing?

Sat May 25 09:12:30 CST 2024

Some customers ask why the pre-treatment step of degreasing should be added before flash tinning of cold rolled steel plates? And how to choose the right steel electrolytic degreasing powder?

We know that steel plates are lubricated and cooled during cold rolling process using rolling oil and emulsifying liquid. After rolling, the steel plate surface is covered with a lot of residues, mainly consisting of rolling oil, emulsifying liquid, iron powder, and loose impurities. After being cleaned by degreasing agents, the surface quality of the original steel plate is improved, and the cleaning effect of degreasing agents has an important role in subsequent processes.

Electrolytic degreasing, like chemical degreasing, is widely used in the production of galvanized and tinned steel sheets. It is mainly in the degreasing solution with direct current, due to the polarization of the electrode, reduce the interfacial tension of the oil solution, electrode precipitation of hydrogen and oxygen bubbles, the oil film has a strong tearing effect, can promote the oil film quickly transformed into fine oil beads, bubbles rising mechanical stirring effect, to further strengthen the process of oil removal. Due to the above reasons, electrochemical oil removal is not only much faster than chemical oil removal, but also removes oil thoroughly with good effect.

Therefore, when we pre-treat the cold rolled steel plate, we must add a process of degreasing, in this way, in the subsequent plating process, the quality of the plating layer will be better. So how to choose the steel degreasing powder, BC-1105 steel degreasing powder is the product of Bigely Technology, it can remove all the oil on the metal surface, making the workpiece get a glossy appearance, and easy to rinse, and is suitable for the production of electroplating automatic line.

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