Which type of high-temperature nickel additive is better?

Which type of high-temperature nickel additive is better?

Fri Mar 31 18:45:58 CST 2023

During the production process, we will find that many tinned electronic plug-ins may experience discoloration of the tin coating after high-temperature welding, and adding a high-temperature nickel plating process to the workpiece before tin plating can effectively prevent discoloration after plating. So which high temperature nickel additive should we choose?

Guangdong Bigley Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electroplating additives. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service. For 16 years, it has focused on the production and sales of nickel plating additives. Bigley's high temperature nickel additive Ni-3000 was developed specifically for the tin plating process, and has the following five characteristics:

1. Underlay and increase hardness. Ni-3000 is suitable for use as a base layer for precious and common metals, and increases the hardness of the workpiece plating layer.

2. Antioxidant. Ni-3000 can delay the diffusion of base metal to the surface metal layer, and has an antioxidant effect.

3. High temperature resistance and anti discoloration. Ni-3000 has excellent resistance to high temperature and discoloration, which can improve the high-temperature welding test at 260~270 ℃ without discoloration for 3 minutes.

4. High current efficiency. The wide process range and high current efficiency of Ni-3000 can effectively shorten electroplating time and improve production efficiency while ensuring good coating appearance and weldability of the workpiece.

5. High impurity tolerance. Ni-3000 has a high tolerance for impurities, especially copper and iron impurities generated by stainless steel and copper substrates, which greatly reduces the occurrence of failures, extends the service life of the plating solution, and effectively saves production costs.

So, which type of high-temperature nickel additive is better? It is recommended to use Bigley's high temperature nickel additive Ni-3000. If you are interested in this high-temperature nickel additive, please contact Bigley customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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