Which is the better alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additive?

Which is the better alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additive?

Thu Mar 02 08:53:06 CST 2023

    Due to the rapid development of zinc-nickel alloy process in recent years, it is very popular in automobile parts, aircraft, military products and other industries, and the price and performance of various zinc-nickel alloy additives on the market vary, so which zinc-nickel alloy additive should we choose?

    The alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additive BZ-617 of Bigolly Technology is prepared with new R&D technology and imported raw materials to ensure that the plating solution has good stability in the production process.Compared with the traditional zinc-nickel alloy process, it has the following five characteristics:

    1. The deposition speed of the coating is fast, which can effectively improve the production efficiency.For example, the thickness of zinc-nickel alloy coating on the workpiece is required to be 8 μm,the traditional electroplating process takes 1 hour, while the BZ-617 alkaline zinc-nickel alloy process only takes 0.5 hour.

    2. The bath is stable and the nickel content of the coating is uniform.The nickel content in the traditional zinc-nickel alloy coating will fluctuate from 10-16%, while the nickel content in the coating can be stabilized at 12-15% when the BZ-617 alkaline zinc-nickel alloy process is adopted, which greatly reduces the deviation of nickel content and improves the stability of production.

    3. The liquid medicine is prepared with high-purity raw materials, which saves the amount of liquid medicine.Compared with the traditional process, the dosage of liquid medicine can be saved by 20%, which greatly saves the production cost;In addition, the liquid medicine has few impurities and is not easy to decompose. The stability of the plating solution is good in the production process. It can also maintain a stable deposition rate after a long time of use.

    4. Good uniform and deep plating performance.For example, when the traditional process is adopted for the blind hole workpiece, the inner wall is not coated, while when the BZ-617 alkaline zinc-nickel alloy process is adopted, the deep hole and the bottom can be coated with zinc-nickel alloy coating, and the coating is compact and bright.

    5. The coating has excellent corrosion resistance.The workpiece is passivated by BZ-617 alkaline zinc-nickel alloy process. The neutral salt spray test can reach 500 hours without white rust and 1000 hours without red rust.

    So, which kind of alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additive is better?This alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additive BZ-617 is recommended. It is a good choice whether it is the appearance of the product coating or the functional requirements of the coating.If you are interested in this alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additive, please contact Bigolly customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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