Which is the best supplier of alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additives?

Which is the best supplier of alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additives?

Tue Mar 07 09:28:43 CST 2023

    In recent years, alkaline zinc-nickel alloy has been widely used in automobile, military and other industries due to its high corrosion resistance, low brittleness, weldability and machinability.Since there are a wide variety of alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additives on the market, which supplier of alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additives should we choose?

    Bigolly Technology is a supplier of alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additives. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and after-sales service. It has been focusing on the production and sales of zinc-nickel alloy additives for 20 years, and has launched the BZ-617 electrozinc-nickel alloy new process, which has greatly improved production efficiency and reduced customer production costs.There are three main reasons for choosing Bigolly Technology:

    1. Academician R&D team, technical innovation.Bigolly Technology has more than 20 years of R&D experience of engineers, has received technical support from European and American engineers, and has cooperated with domestic colleges and universities to build electroplating additive engineering technology research laboratory, established a leading R&D system in the industry, followed the forefront of domestic and foreign technology development, and constantly developed new technologies and products for the industry.

    2. The quality of additives is more guaranteed by the independent production of the source manufacturer.Bigolly Technology has its own production base of 5000 square meters, has 16 years of industry experience, and has created a set of efficient and reasonable technological processes, from raw material procurement, production process, to product quality inspection, every link is meticulous, to ensure that the additives produced have good stability.

    3. The whole after-sales service tracking ensures that customers can use it at ease.Bigolly Technology has a dedicated, dedicated and fast technical after-sales team to provide 24 hours of rapid response to customers' technical services. In addition, the company has a variety of testing instruments, which can be regularly tested and analyzed for customers to better serve customers.When the customer's electroplating production site has a fault, the engineer will promise to arrive at the site in 24-72 hours to solve the problem for the customer according to the distance between the customers.

    So, which supplier is better for alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additives? Recommend Bigolly Technology.As a supplier of alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additives with technical innovation, quality assurance and service, Bigolly Technology is very trustworthy!If you are interested in alkaline zinc-nickel alloy additives, please contact Bigolly customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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