Which company is better at tinning additives?

Which company is better at tinning additives?

Mon Mar 27 18:55:51 CST 2023

Due to the excellent ductility, solderability, and corrosion resistance of the workpiece tin coating, it is widely used in the fields of shipping equipment, pump components, bearings, valves, automotive pistons, tinned copper and CP wires, electronic components, and printed circuit boards. Which of the tin plating additives on the market today is better?

Guangdong Bigley Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of tin plating additives. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service. For 16 years, it has focused on the production and sales of tin plating additives, and has introduced sulfate and methanesulfonic acid based bright tin and fog tin additives to meet customer requirements for different processes. There are three main reasons for choosing Bigley Technology's tin plating additives:

1. Pay attention to raw materials. Bigley's tin plating additives are formulated using imported raw materials, and every step from raw material procurement, production process, to product quality inspection is meticulous, ensuring that the additives produced have good stability. Tin plating additives have high purity and few impurities. During the production process, the plating solution can maintain long-term clarity, reduce the processing frequency of the plating solution, extend the time of the plating solution, and reduce the defective rate of products, thereby helping customers reduce production costs.

2. Affordable price. Many tin plating additives that have been imported are known to be relatively expensive, while Bigley has its own production base, which saves intermediate links and benefits customers. This way, the price of the additive is relatively affordable, which can help customers save more than 10% of the cost.

3. Friendly service. Bigley Technology has a dedicated technical after-sales team that provides 24-hour rapid response to customer technical services. When a fault occurs at a customer's electroplating production site, engineers will quickly arrive at the site to solve the problem based on the distance from the customer.

So, which is the better additive for tin plating? Recommend Bigley Technology. Bigley Technology is a manufacturer of tin plating additives with good selection of materials, excellent prices, and excellent service. It is very trustworthy! If you are interested in tinning additives, please contact Bigley Customer Service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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