When using electroless nickel plating solution, NdFeB roller plating should pay attention to the following two points

When using electroless nickel plating solution, NdFeB roller plating should pay attention to the following two points

Sat Mar 02 09:54:17 CST 2024

In the previous series of articles, we mentioned that when using electroless nickel plating solution for production, Ndfeb roller plating needs to use a small barrel, so what are the precautions when it comes to actual operation?

Rare-earth NdFeB alloy workpieces are susceptible to corrosion and brittle, so the following two points should be noted when barrel plating (using Bigely electroless nickel plating solution):

①All surfaces of the workpiece should be plated as soon as possible after the workpiece is placed in the barrel to prevent the substrate from being eroded by the solution;

②When the equipment is running, the mutual impact on the workpiece should be small to prevent the workpiece from being damaged.

In that case, there are several things to consider when barrel plating:

(1) The barrel should be small and the loading capacity should be less, so that there are two advantages: first, the workpiece in the barrel less mutual accumulation, there will be no workpiece leakage plating; second, it can also reduce the impact between the workpiece, and is not easy to be damaged. The loading capacity of the barrel is recommended not to exceed 10kg.

(2) The barrel should be made into a slender shape, so that in the case of improving the loading capacity, can reduce the accumulation of workpieces. Such as barrel length of 320 ~ 380mm; diameter of 160 ~ 200mm

(3) Example of barrel nickel plating : such as θ9 rare earth NdFeB alloy sheet, 6kg workpiece + 2kg steel ball/barrel (60A; time 2h; temperature 50℃); θ10 rare earth NdFeB alloy sheet, 5kg workpiece + 5kg steel ball/barrel (50A time 1.5h: temperature 50℃).

(4) Examples of barrel zinc plating : e.g. θ12 or less, without steel balls (10kg/bucket; 40A: time 2h; temperature 10~50℃); θ15, 6kg workpiece + 10kg steel balls in (30A; time 2h; temperature 10~50℃).

The above is the relevant matters that need to be paid attention to in the production of electroless nickel barrel plating, in order to improve the yield, we need to choose a good electroless nickel plating solution, it needs to meet the requirements of good corrosion resistance, Bigely electroless nickel plating solution Ni-811, good corrosion resistance, can solve the problem of rubidium iron boron corrosion resistance, improve the stability of the product, to solve the actual production problems.

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