When using acid copper plating brightener for production, pay attention to the following three points

When using acid copper plating brightener for production, pay attention to the following three points

Sat Nov 19 09:45:47 CST 2022

    Using acid copper plating brightener, mirror bright coating can be obtained on the surface of the workpiece, and the coating has good filling and corrosion resistance.Sometimes the filling and leveling performance of the products produced is poor. What is the reason?

    According to the field experience and the characteristics of the product acid copper plating brightener Cu-510, Bigolly Technology has made analysis, mainly for the following three reasons:

    1. The copper sulfate content in the plating solution is too low.The content of copper sulfate is low, the allowable current density is low, and the cathode current efficiency is also low.Therefore, the content of copper sulfate should be controlled within the process range.  For example, the copper sulfate content of Cu-510 should be controlled between 200~240g/L.

    2. The chloride ion content in the plating solution is insufficient or too high.Chloride ion is an indispensable inorganic anion in cupric acid process.Without chloride ion in the bath, the ideal bright coating can not be obtained;However, if the chloride ion content is too high, the coating is easy to produce pitting, and will affect the brightness and flatness of the coating.For example, when the chloride ion content of Cu-510 is 70~100ppm, the filling property of the coating is good.

    3. The supplement of acid copper brightener is out of balance.In the production process, sometimes due to the imbalance in the addition of acid copper brightener, such as when the content of filler Cu-510A is low, the crystallization of the coating is relatively rough, and the leveling effect is poor.Therefore, the addition of acid copper brightener should be strictly in accordance with the process parameters, and the concentration of brightener should be regularly analyzed by Hull cell experiment.

    In this way, we pay attention to the above three points when using acid copper plating brightener, which can ensure good picture performance of workpiece coating and reduce production failure rate.If you are interested in acidic copper plating brightener, please contact the Bigolly customer service to obtain free samples and detailed technical information!

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