When using acid copper brightener, there are some typical causes of failure and solutions summarized

When using acid copper brightener, there are some typical causes of failure and solutions summarized

Thu Feb 01 08:21:33 CST 2024

When it comes to the plating failure of acid bright copper plating process, what will you think of? High area scorching, coating like mountain lines, and poor filling degree are all typical failures plaguing electroplating plants. In this issue, we will talk about the causes and solutions of these three failures.

High area scorching

There are six possible reasons, which are (1) the bath temperature is too low ≤20℃, (2) the copper content is too low, (3) the chloride ion is too low, (4) the leveling agent A is excessive, (5) the lack of agent B, (6) poor mixing.

The solutions corresponding to these 6 reasons are: (1) increase the bath temperature of 25℃; (2) Add copper sulfate content; (3) Supplement after analysis; (4) electrolysis or activated carbon filtration; (5) Add 0.05~0.1ml/L Cu-510B; (6) Check whether it is well stirred.

High current density parts of the coating like mountain lines

There are two reasons for this failure: lack of acid copper brightener Cu-510Mu (cylinder opening agent) and the chloride ion in the bath is too low.

We can handle according to the situations, if it is the former, then we need to add 1-2ml/L cylinder opening agent; If it is the latter, then the chloride ion content needs to be analyzed and adjusted to 80mg/L.

Poor filling degree

There are two possible reasons for this:

(1) Lack of leveling agent A and brightener B;

(2) Excessive chloride ions.

For these two reasons, we also have two solutions:

(1) An appropriate amount of Cu-510A and Cu-510B was added

(2) Find a way to reduce the chloride ions in the bath

The product quality of an electroplating factory is good or not, and the shipment is not much, mainly depending on the ability of copper acid, which requires us not only to master a good troubleshooting method, but also to use a good copper acid brightener, which can play a role in improving the location of the low area and expand the brightness range of the coating.

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