When producing with alkaline galvanizing additives, it is important to have a good after-sales service!

When producing with alkaline galvanizing additives, it is important to have a good after-sales service!

Tue Aug 16 14:33:30 CST 2022

    When we use alkaline galvanizing additives for production, the supplier's after-sales service attitude is poor or they can't rush to the scene to solve the problem quickly, which will greatly delay the production time and reduce production efficiency.

    In Chaozhou, Mr. Li, the previous supplier of alkaline galvanizing additives was a chemical company in Hubei.At the beginning, Mr. Li chose this company because the product price was relatively affordable.However, the appearance quality of the workpieces produced by the galvanizing line was always bad. It took several days for the engineer to come to the factory after contacting the supplier, which seriously delayed the progress of the production.And the engineer couldn't solve the problem fundamentally, always making excuses to fool Mr. Li.In this way, it has been dragged on for more than half a month, and the problem has not been solved.

    By chance, Mr. Li found Bigolly and cooperated.Bigolly's engineers not only instructed Mr. Li on how to properly control the technical parameters of the plating solution or passivation solution, but also taught Mr. Li how to analyze the component concentrations of the plating solution and passivation solution.This greatly improves production efficiency.

    Mr. Li's galvanizing line is for the production of hardware accessories, and the quality requirements for the coating are relatively high.Because the brightness of the workpieces produced by Mr. Li is too bright, some workpieces have peeling coatings, so he turned to Bigolly's engineers for help.The engineer rushed to Mr. Li's factory overnight, checked various operating parameters and analyzed the content of the bath components, and found that they were all within the normal range.So the engineer conducted a Hull cell electroplating experiment and found that the brightener was excessively added.Through on-site adjustments, Mr. Li's galvanizing line resumed production that night.

    Now Bigolly's engineers regularly visit Mr. Li's factory to learn about the use of galvanizing additives in Mr. Li's production line, and bring back the plating solution and workpieces to the company for analysis.By analyzing the plating solution to understand whether the plating solution is stable, test whether the performance of the workpiece is good.In this way, Mr. Li's production line has been very stable, and there is basically no failure.

    Once, when drinking tea, Mr. Li said that Biglolly's galvanizing additives are very useful and the service is very considerate, and there are very few failures in itself.When a fault occurs, engineers can always rush to the scene quickly, prescribe the right medicine, solve the problem in a relatively short time, and save a lot of production costs.So, Bigolly is a very good partner.