When choosing an alloy electrolytic degreasing powder, why should I choose a phosphorus-free one?

When choosing an alloy electrolytic degreasing powder, why should I choose a phosphorus-free one?

Sat Jun 08 08:11:28 CST 2024

Remove oil from parts is an important process of plating pretreatment, plating parts degreasing quality is good or bad, will directly affect the quality of plating layer. For example, in the previous article, I have mentioned the nickel plating process, degreasing is not complete, it will cause the plating layer pinhole appearance. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of degreasing. And when we choose alloy electrode degreasing powder, phosphorus-free is a very important index.

Why? As we know, trisodium phosphate, sodium pyrophosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium polyphosphate, organic polyphosphonates have good dispersion, solubilization, coordination, water softening and other effects on solid dirt, with excellent water washing properties, is a class of excellent detergent, has long been widely used in various types of degreasing agents.

However, these compounds contain phosphorus, easy to be decomposed into phosphate by bacteria, become bacteria and aquatic plant nutrients, in the non-flowing ponds and lakes are easy to cause aquatic plant overpopulation, resulting in a lack of oxygen in the water, so that the fish, shrimp and other aquatic animals die in large quantities. This is the eutrophication effect. With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, in order to prevent the emergence of eutrophication effect, the phosphorus emissions from wastewater now have very strict limits, so the original process with phosphorus are to achieve non-phosphorus.

To sum up, we need to choose a phosphate-free degreasing powder, Bigely alloy electrolytic degreasing powder BC-1108, which is a phosphate-free degreasing agent that does not cause oxidation of the discharge water quality, and contains surfactants that are easily biodegradable and easy to wash, with a small amount of effervescence. It helps to improve production efficiency.

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