What to do if the nickel-phosphorus plating is not tightly bonded?

What to do if the nickel-phosphorus plating is not tightly bonded?

Thu Mar 14 09:22:35 CST 2024

Inadequate bonding of nickel-phosphorus plating can be due to a variety of reasons, and solving this problem requires diagnosing the specific cause and taking appropriate measures. Below are a few common reasons that may lead to insufficient bonding of nickel-phosphorus plating and strategies to resolve them:

1. Insufficient surface cleanliness:

Ensure that the surface of the workpiece is thoroughly cleaned to remove any grease, oxides, dirt or other impurities prior to nickel-phosphorus plating. Use suitable degreasing and pre-treatment steps, which may include alkaline or acid cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.

2. Improper electroplating bath conditions:

Check and adjust the pH, temperature, and chemistry of the electroless nickel-phosphorus plating solution to ensure that they are within the proper process range. Ensure that phosphorus concentrations are within appropriate levels.

3. Insufficient or excessive plating time:

Adjust the plating time to ensure that the plating is deposited evenly and tightly on the surface of the workpiece.

4. Inadequate post-plating treatment:

Proper post-treatment, such as heat treatment, can help improve the bonding and hardness of the nickel-phosphorus alloy layer.

5. Inaccurate control of the electroplating process:

If an electroplating process is used instead of electroless plating, ensure that the current density, plating solution flow and other process parameters are controlled during production.

6. Substrate issues:

Check and evaluate the suitability of the substrate, special activation or interlayer processes may be required for materials that tend to form difficult-to-adhere surfaces.

7. Contamination of equipment and tools:

Regularly clean and maintain the plating equipment to avoid cross contamination affecting the quality of the plating.

If none of the above methods solves the problem, further diagnosis may be required, and sometimes it is necessary to seek a specific solution by consulting with the electroplating solution supplier--Bigely. Bigely can not only provide electroless nickel-phosphorus plating solution, but also provide technical support services during the use process.

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