What should we do if the plating layer is foggy after bright nickel plating?

What should we do if the plating layer is foggy after bright nickel plating?

Tue Jan 16 08:12:31 CST 2024

After bright nickel plating, how to solve the fogging of the plated layer? This requires us to find out its triggers to solve the problem.

A plating plant has a bright nickel tank that normally specializes in plating serpentine hoses on table lamps. Fifty tubes are plated per tank, and the solution temperature and current density are specified according to this quantity. The quality of the plated bright nickel layer has always been very good.

One day, the customer sent a batch of urgent, requiring the workpiece to be plated bright nickel immediately, after these pieces were put in, accounting for about a quarter of the position of the plating tank, plating ten minutes later, because the customer urgent, the workpiece plating was taken away.

But the current was not adjusted at this time.

This led to the next batch of goods read out, the surface of the nickel layer all appeared white mist, after the analysis of  the technicians, it is considered as the current density is too large, decided to start from the next tank, the current density to adjust to the initial settings, the results of the bright nickel layer is still translucent.

If the current density is too low, it is also not possible to obtain a satisfactory transparent bright nickel layer. This situation is often reflected in a string of plated parts in the upper and lower workpieces are often more bright, while the middle of the workpiece brightness is poor to confirm.

Bright nickel plating is a systematic plating project, if the process parameters are not operated in accordance with the specified range, or if the process parameters in the tank are changed after the rush treatment without timely correction, it will lead to unpredictable failures. Therefore, when customers use the bright nickel plating agent of Bigelow, we will arrange technical engineers to provide technical support to help customers produce products with good plating quality.

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