What should I do if the surface of copper plating tin is white?

What should I do if the surface of copper plating tin is white?

Fri Jan 26 16:53:53 CST 2024

The whitening of the tin-plated surface of copper rows can be due to a variety of reasons. Here are some possible reasons and corresponding solutions:

1. Abnormal composition of plating solution: If the composition ratio of tin plating solution is not appropriate, it will lead to whitening of plated surface. It is necessary to check and adjust the pH value of plating solution, tin salt concentration, tin plating additives, etc.

2. Improper control of the plating process: improper control of the plating solution temperature, current density, stirring speed and other parameters will also affect the quality of the plated layer. These parameters should be controlled in strict accordance with the process requirements.

3. Adhesion of contaminants: The plating solution may contain contaminants such as impurities or grease, which can lead to an uneven and whitish plated surface. The plating solution should be kept clean and filtered regularly. 4.

4. Problems with the storage environment: If the copper plating is stored in a humid environment, oxidation may occur, resulting in discolouration and whitening of the surface. Should ensure that the storage environment is dry.

5. Improper post plating treatment: for example, after plating water washing is not sufficient, the residual acidic substances can not be completely removed, which will lead to oxidation and discolouration of the plating layer. The quality of water rinsing should be improved, and pure or deionised water should be used for cleaning if necessary.

If you encounter this problem when using tin-plating additives for production, it is recommended to systematically check each of the possible factors mentioned above and treat the problem separately. In plating operations, regular process inspection and maintenance are important to ensure the quality of the plated layer. If you are unable to solve the problem by yourself, it is recommended that you consult a Bigely technical engineer for fault analysis and resolution.