What's wrong with the big consumption of barrel nickel plating brightener

What's wrong with the big consumption of barrel nickel plating brightener

Tue Jun 11 10:55:17 CST 2024

In the nickel electroplating production, the big consumption of barrel nickel brightener will undoubtedly increase the cost of production, so it is necessary to understand the causes of such phenomena.

1. High production load: barrel plating is used for high volume production, and as the number of processes increases, so does the consumption of brightener.

2. Poor process parameters: If the plating process parameters (e.g., current density, temperature, pH, stirring speed, etc.) are not optimized, this may lead to excessive consumption of the brightener.

3. Brightener failure: Some brighteners will gradually fail during the plating process, especially at higher current densities, which will lead to increased consumption.

4. Waste phenomenon: If the working environment is not well managed, such as chemical leakage, improper operation, frequent replacement of solutions, etc., may lead to the waste of nickel plating brightener.

5. Plating bath contamination: If grease, metal particles or other contaminants are mixed in the plating bath, it may cause the brightener to not work properly, thus increasing the amount of replenishment.

6. High plating quality: For products requiring higher brightness and better surface quality, more brightener may be used to achieve the required standard.

7. Chemical Depletion: Some of the chemical components in the brightener are consumed during the plating process and need to be replenished periodically to maintain the stability and brightness of the plating solution.

8. Aging equipment: Aging equipment may result in an inability to uniformly mix the plating solution, which in turn affects the distribution and efficacy of the brightener and requires more brightener to replenish.

To minimize the consumption of barrel nickel plating brighteners, the plating process parameters should be regularly monitored and adjusted, the plating baths should be kept clean to avoid unnecessary chemical wastage and Bigely barrel nickel plating brighteners should be used (which is less consumptive and produces a bright white layer). At the same time, regular analysis of the plating bath will allow you to understand the consumption pattern of the brightener and make adjustments accordingly.

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