What kind of plating tank is good for hot-dip galvanizing?

What kind of plating tank is good for hot-dip galvanizing?

Mon Aug 08 14:55:08 CST 2022

The zinc bath or zinc pot used for hot-dip galvanizing generally uses low carbon steel with very little carbon content. This is to reduce alloying and hot corrosion during use. If the material of the zinc pot is used improperly, the service life of the zinc pot will be greatly shortened. Steels with impurities or excessive carbon content are not suitable for zinc pots. As a result, many new materials have emerged to replace steel, such as ceramic materials and silicon carbide materials. As an improvement, new zinc pot protective coatings, such as industrial ceramic coatings, can also be coated on the inner wall of traditional zinc pots. Such industrial ceramic coatings should generally meet the following basic requirements:

1) The structure is tight and complete without holes.

2) It has a strong bond with the underlying metal.

3) High hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

4) Evenly distributed on the entire protective surface, with good heat capacity with the substrate.

5) It can overcome the thermal expansion and deformation of two different materials due to different thermal expansion coefficients.

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