What is the situation of large consumption of barrel nickel plating brightener?

What is the situation of large consumption of barrel nickel plating brightener?

Fri Mar 22 08:21:19 CST 2024

In the production of electroplating nickel, the consumption of barrel plating nickel brightener is large, which will undoubtedly increase the production cost, so it is necessary to understand the causes of such phenomena.

1. High production load: Barrel plating is used for mass production, and the consumption of brightener will increase with the increase in the number of processing.

2. Poor process parameters: If the plating process parameters (such as current density, temperature, pH value, stirring speed, etc.) are not optimized, it may lead to excessive consumption of brightener.

3. Brightener failure: Some brighteners will gradually fail during the plating process, especially at higher current densities, which will lead to an increase in consumption.

4. Waste phenomenon: If the working environment is poorly managed, such as chemical leakage, improper operation, frequent solution replacement, etc., it may lead to the waste of nickel plating brightener.

5. Plating bath pollution: If the plating solution is mixed with grease, metal particles or other pollutants, it may cause the brightener to not work properly, thereby increasing the amount of supplementation.

6. High coating quality requirements: For products requiring higher brightness and better surface quality, more brighteners may be used to meet the required standards.

7. Chemical composition consumption: Some chemical components in the brightener will be consumed during the plating process, and it is necessary to supplement regularly to maintain the stability and bright effect of the plating solution.

8. Old equipment: The aging of equipment may lead to the inability to evenly mix the plating solution, which will affect the distribution and efficiency of the brightener, and more brightener is needed to compensate.

In order to reduce the consumption of barrel nickel plating brightener, the plating process parameters should be regularly monitored and adjusted, the cleaning of the plating tank should be maintained, unnecessary chemical waste should be avoided, and Bigely barrel nickel plating brightener should be used (it saves energy and the resulting coating is white). At the same time, by conducting regular analysis of the plating solution, the consumption pattern of the brightener can be understood and corresponding adjustments can be made.

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