What is the relationship between the yellowing of tin plating layer and the quality of tin plating additives?

What is the relationship between the yellowing of tin plating layer and the quality of tin plating additives?

Fri Apr 26 08:24:03 CST 2024

The quality of tin plating additives has a direct relationship with the color of tin layer and the overall coating quality. Poor quality tin plating additives can cause the following problems, which can affect the coating to appear yellow:

1. Poor stability: poor quality tin plating additives may be less stable in storage and use, easy to decompose or deteriorate, decomposition products can interfere with the plating process, affecting the quality of the coating.

2. Improper allocation of ingredients: If the composition ratio of tin plating additives is incorrect, it may not be able to give full play to its proper function, which may also lead to uneven color or yellowing of the plated layer.

3. Insufficient activity: High-quality tin plating additives should have good activity to ensure the denseness and brightness of the plated layer during plating. Insufficiently active additives may result in rough, dull or unevenly colored plated surfaces.

5. Poor compatibility: Tin plating additives should be compatible with other components in the plating solution. If the additive reacts with or is incompatible with certain components of the plating solution, it may affect the plating process and the quality of the plated layer.

In order to avoid yellowing of the plated layer due to additive quality problems, the following measures are recommended:

① Choose a reputable additives supplier, Bigely, to buy tin plating additives products with guaranteed quality.

② Conduct quality tests on batches of additives to ensure compliance with use standards.

③ Replace or adjust the additives in the plating solution at the right time to maintain the good performance of the plating solution.

④The concentration of additives and the composition of the plating solution are analyzed at regular intervals during the production process to ensure that the additives and the plating solution are in an ideal working condition.

When dealing with the problem of yellowing of the plating layer, we should not only focus on the quality of the tin plating additives, but also consider the various aspects of the plating process, comprehensively analyze and take appropriate adjustment measures.

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