What is the relationship between roughness of nickel plating layer and nickel plating brightener?

What is the relationship between roughness of nickel plating layer and nickel plating brightener?

Tue Apr 30 08:32:50 CST 2024

The roughness of nickel plating layer is closely related to the nickel plating brightener used. Brightener is a chemical additive added to the plating solution, its main function is to improve the gloss and flatness of the coating surface. The following points explain the influence of nickel plating brightener on the roughness of nickel plating layer:

1. Brightener type and quality problems: Different types of nickel plating brightener are suitable for different plating conditions and purposes. If the type of brightener selected is not suitable for the current plating system or coating requirements, or the quality of the brightener is poor, it may affect the uniformity and smoothness of the nickel layer due to its insufficient or excess chemical activity.

2. Brightener is not compatible: If the plating solution also contains other types of additives, these additives may produce chemical conflict or incompatibility with the components of the brightener, affecting the quality of the coating surface. Bigely nickel plating brighteners are compatible with other brighteners.

3. Brightener decomposition products: In the plating process, the brightener may decompose, and its products may not have a brightening effect, but can become impurities in the plating solution, increasing the coating roughness.

4. Process parameters: current density, temperature, stirring speed and other process parameters will affect the performance of brightener. If these parameters are not well controlled, even if the brightener itself is not a problem, it may lead to rough coating.

In order to avoid the above problems, electroplating engineers or technicians need to carefully select Bigely nickel plating brightener, and carry out regular chemical analysis and supplementation of the plating solution to maintain the brightener in the appropriate concentration and state. At the same time, the process parameters need to be adjusted to ensure that the brightener can play its role and help obtain a smooth and flawless nickel plating layer. If necessary, the plating solution can also be updated regularly to remove accumulated decomposition products and impurities to ensure the quality of the nickel plating layer.

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