What is the reason for the turbidity of electroless nickel plating solution?

What is the reason for the turbidity of electroless nickel plating solution?

Mon Apr 22 10:27:09 CST 2024

Turbidity in electroless nickel plating solutions can be caused by a variety of reasons. The following are some of the common causes of cloudy electroless nickel plating solutions:

1. Contaminants: Foreign particles or organics may have been mixed into the solution, either from raw materials, wear and tear of equipment, the working environment, or from inadequately filtered out deposition products.

2. Supersaturation: Some chemicals in the plating solution, such as nickel salts or other components, may have reached a state of supersaturation, causing some to precipitate out.

3. Chemical reactions: Unwanted side reactions may have occurred in the nickel plating solution, such as sulfide contamination that may cause nickel salts to react with sulfides to produce precipitates such as nickel sulfides.

4. Excessive heating: If the temperature of the plating solution is too high, it may lead to the destabilization or degradation of certain components in the solution, which may also cause the plating solution to become cloudy.

5. pH changes: Changes in pH can lead to the precipitation of certain compounds, which can also cause turbidity in the plating solution.

6. Excessive addition of chemicals: Excessive addition of brighteners, stabilizers or other additives may result in insoluble particles or deposits in the plating solution.

7. Workpiece residue: When inadequately cleaned workpieces enter the electroless nickel bath, they may have grease, lubricants, or other impurities on their surfaces that can affect the clarity of the bath.

Solving the problem of cloudy electroless nickel plating solutions usually involves finding the exact cause and taking action accordingly. This may include filtration of the solution, pH adjustment, temperature control, addition of new chemicals, prevention of contamination, or complete replacement of the solution. The use of Bigely electroless nickel plating solutions can help to avoid such problems and safeguard the quality of the coating.

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