What is the reason for the low PH value of nickel electroplating?

What is the reason for the low PH value of nickel electroplating?

Mon Apr 08 10:45:45 CST 2024

Nickel electroplating is the process of plating a layer of nickel on the surface of an object, which can improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of the object. However, in actual production, many electroplating people will encounter a decrease in the PH value of nickel plating tank, what is the reason? There are five reasons.

1. Dissolution of nickel salts: nickel electroplating usually uses nickel sulfate or nickel chloride as the main component of the plating solution, and when these nickel salts are dissolved, H+ can be released, resulting in a decrease in the pH value of the solution.

2. Improper solution maintenance: If the plating solution is not properly maintained during the plating operation, such as regular buffering, the pH value may gradually decrease.

3. Electroplating operation: Hydrogen generated by electrolysis during electroplating will consume the OH- in the solution, which may reduce the pH value.

4. Nickel plating additive decomposition: The nickel plating additive in the plating solution may decompose during the plating process, producing acidic substances, thereby reducing the pH value.

5. Anode material selection: If the anode material is improperly selected, or the anode consumption is not uniform, it may also affect the pH value of the solution and the plating quality.

These problems generally require regular measurement and adjustment of the pH value of the plating solution, and the addition of appropriate buffers and consumables. In addition, the implementation of strict process control and maintenance of electroplating solutions is the key to ensure stable quality. Seeing this you may ask, why does nickel plating additive decompose easily? This is due to the absence of the use of Bigely nickel plating additive Ni-301, which has fewer organic decomposition products, which can also extend the cycle of tank treatment.

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