What is the reaction principle of trivalent chromium blue and white passivator?

What is the reaction principle of trivalent chromium blue and white passivator?

Sat Jan 27 15:32:02 CST 2024

Trivalent chromium blue and white passivator is an environmentally friendly metal surface treatment agent used to replace hexavalent chromium passivator, which is harmful to the environment and human body. Trivalent Chromium passivator is mainly applied to passivate the surface of non-ferrous metals such as zinc, aluminum, cadmium, etc. in order to enhance the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of metal surfaces.

The basic reaction principle of this process is that the trivalent chromium passivator contains trivalent chromium ions and other auxiliary components. During the passivation process, the trivalent chromium ions react with the active spots on the metal surface to produce a stable conversion film (passivation film). This passivation film is mainly composed of trivalent chromium and the metal chromium oxide complex formed on the metal surface, which can effectively prevent the metal surface from contacting with the external environment, thus resisting corrosion attack.

The passivation process can be broadly described in the following steps:

1. Water washing: Before passivation, the surface of the workpiece needs to be cleaned to remove oil, oxidized layer and other contaminants.

2. Reaction: The trivalent chromium ions in the trivalent chromium blue and white passivator react with the metal surface, and the passivator may also contain some components that accelerate the reaction.

3. Film formation: the generated trivalent chromium compounds will form a dense chemical conversion film on the metal surface, this process is a chemical reaction between the passivator and the metal surface, unlike simple physical deposition.

4. Rinsing: The treated metal workpiece is rinsed with water to remove excess passivator and reaction products.

5. Drying: The washed workpiece will be dried, so that the passivation film is stable and uniformly attached to the metal surface.

Bigely trivalent chromium blue and white passivator is becoming one of the mainstream choices for metal surface treatment due to the fact that it forms an environmentally friendly film and its corrosion protection is close to or even equal to that of traditional hexavalent chromium passivator.

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