What is the problem with streaks in the plating when using copper pyrophosphate brightener?

What is the problem with streaks in the plating when using copper pyrophosphate brightener?

Mon May 27 10:04:15 CST 2024

When the copper pyrophosphate brightener is used in electroplating production, the plating layer is prone to streak failure, what is the cause of this, and how to solve it?

Three common causes

Typically, streaks in the plating in the pyrophosphate copper plating process are caused by three reasons:

①Bad condition after plating

There is salt residue on the surface of the parts, once dried, it will lead to streaks in the coating, or too long cleaning time will also lead to similar failures. How to prevent it? It is recommended that the electroplating factory need to check the workpiece transfer time, and also strengthen the washing.

②Bad pre-plating treatment

It is mainly because the parts are poorly treated before being put into the pyrophosphate copper bath for plating after preplating with copper cyanide. To deal with this situation, the plating plant needs to wash the workpiece sufficiently and then treat it with dilute hydrochloric acid etching. If this is not done, then the plating is prone to streak-like faults.

③Oil on the surface of the part

Check whether there is oil film in the acid bath and cleaning water. If there is, then the electroplating plant should find ways to remove the oil film; of course, you can also replace the acid solution and cleaning water.

In the copper pyrophosphate plating process, we should not panic when the plating layer has streaky faults, just follow the three reasons above to troubleshoot and get the solution. In order to get a well plated product, it is essential to use the right pyrophosphate copper brightener. Bigely pyrophosphate copper brightener, Cu-203, produces a bright, flat copper plating layer, which meets the appearance requirements of decorative plating. It also has good deep plating capability and is suitable for zinc die castings with complex shapes.

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