What is the maintenance of electroless copper plating process?

What is the maintenance of electroless copper plating process?

Wed Mar 06 08:47:37 CST 2024

Electroless copper plating refers to a process in which copper layers are deposited on the surface of a material without the need for an electric current. This method is usually based on a chemical reduction reaction in which copper ions are deposited on the surface of the substrate in a suspension by the action of a chemical reducing agent. So, what does the maintenance of electroless copper plating process include?

① The plating solution is prepared correctly and the drug is added according to the analysis

The preparation and adjustment of electroless copper plating solution should be carried out strictly according to the process formula and test results. The adjustment solution should be carried out when there is no strict imbalance in the composition of the solution, that is, adjustment and maintenance while testing to ensure the stability of the solution.

② Replace part of the old liquid

Electroless copper plating solution after repeated use, formic acid, cuprous oxide, the impurities brought in by the outside world will gradually increase, according to the normal real drugs can not be high-speed to the better state, in order to let the long-term use of the solution is not scrapped, we can replace some of the old solution, so that the electroless copper plating process can continue to be used.

So how to control the amount of replacement? We can replace 1/3 or 1/2 as appropriate.

③ Adjustment of pH value

When the electroless copper plating solution is stopped, 20%(mass fraction) dilute sulfuric acid can be used in the electroplating factory, and the pH value is adjusted to 9~10, at this time the plating solution almost completely terminates the reaction. When the plating solution is working, we adjust the pH value to the process specification with 20%(mass fraction) sodium hydroxide solution under constant agitation.

The above is part of the maintenance of the electroless copper plating process, the reason why the plating solution should be maintained well is because it can ensure the smooth progress of large-scale production, as we all know, once the large-scale production stops, it will cause economic losses. In order to do a good job of production, it is also necessary to choose electroless copper plating solution HSECu-801, mainly for the metallization of plastics and other special treatment materials, which is not only fast deposition, but also bright pink coating, no dark, and the final plating out of the finished product has a good appearance.

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