What is the importance of oil removal before electroplating?

What is the importance of oil removal before electroplating?

Sat Feb 24 09:12:28 CST 2024

Oil removal is an indispensable step in the plating process and is the key to ensuring good adhesion and surface finish of the electroplating. This article will elaborate on the importance of electroplating oil removal, and introduce the basic concepts of electroplating pretreatment.

First, electroplating is a process that uses the principle of electrolysis to coat a metal surface with a layer of other metals or alloys. The quality of the plating layer is not only related to the composition of the plating solution, current density and other parameters, but also directly related to the cleanliness of the substrate surface. If the substrate surface is stained with oil, it will seriously affect the binding force of the coating, resulting in problems such as foaming, peeling or uneven coating.

In this context, oil removal becomes particularly important. Oil removal mainly refers to the use of chemical or physical methods to remove the surface of the workpiece oil, wax, cutting fluid and other organic substances. There are many ways to remove oil: for example, solvent oil removal, electric oil removal.

Oil removal treatment can not only clean up the oil, but also remove the oxidation layer and other dirt on the surface of the workpiece. Doing a good job of surface cleaning will lay a good foundation for electroplating, so that the subsequent plating layer and the substrate have a better bonding force, thereby extending the life of the plating layer and ensuring the quality and appearance of the plating product.

At the same time, improper oil removal will lead to plating solution pollution, affect the stability of plating solution and plating effect, and increase plating cost. Therefore, strict oil removal procedures in the electroplating process are essential.

Electroplating plants need to choose the most appropriate oil removal process according to factors such as the type and shape of the plating material and the required plating quality.

For example, the electrolytic degreasing mentioned earlier, it is a supplement to solvent degreasing and chemical degreasing, and the degreasing of the first two alone is not stable, why? Because even if the grease in the solution has been cleaned, there is often grease floating on the surface of the oil removal liquid, and the parts will be contaminated when they go out of the tank, in this case, we need to choose Bigely electrolytic oil removal powder BC-18, which is suitable for various metals except magnesium, and has good oil removal effect in a wide range of current density.

Correct pretreatment is a prerequisite to meet the performance of electroplating. As an important part of pretreatment, oil removal plays a basic supporting role in electroplating quality. If you have any need for electrolytic oil powder removal, just contact us.