What is the effect of tin brightener on the roughness of the plated layer?

What is the effect of tin brightener on the roughness of the plated layer?

Thu Mar 28 08:23:02 CST 2024

Tin plating brighteners are additives used in the tin plating process that have a significant effect on the roughness of the tin plated layer. The mechanism of action of brighteners usually involves influencing the way the crystals of the plated layer grow, inducing the formation of finer, more homogeneous grains, which in turn gives the plated layer a better appearance, smoothness and finish. Below are a few specific effects of tin brighteners on the roughness of the plated layer:

1. Grain refinement: tin plating brightener usually contains specific organic compounds, these compounds can form an adsorption layer on the surface of the metal, inhibit the growth of large grains, and promote the formation of smaller and more detailed grains.

2. Plating uniformity: By controlling the adsorption of molecules on the surface of the plated layer to optimize the growth rate of the plated layer, the tin plating brightener helps to achieve uniform deposition of the plated layer and reduces local roughness or uneven deposition.

3. Brightness of plated layer: Tin plating brightener contains special components that can form a smooth plated layer, which can improve the reflectivity of the plated layer after its action, thus enhancing the brightening effect.

4. Inhibit defects: A good brightener formulation inhibits the formation of holes, inclusions and other surface defects, resulting in a better overall quality of the coating.

5. Improvement of current distribution: Specific types of brighteners can improve the current distribution in the plating bath, resulting in a more balanced current density on the surface of the cathode (the object to be plated), and reducing localized over-thickness or over-thinning of the plated layer.

The use of Bigely tin plating brighteners is important for obtaining good quality plating. However, the type, concentration and use of tin plating brighteners need to be carefully adjusted and controlled. Excessive or improper use of brighteners can lead to other problems such as increased brittleness of the layer or loss of adhesion. Therefore, when using brighteners, customers will consult with Bigely engineers on how to control the ratio of brighteners and optimize the overall process parameters of plating.

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