What is the abrasion resistance of nickel electroplating coatings?

What is the abrasion resistance of nickel electroplating coatings?

Wed Jun 12 08:54:06 CST 2024

The nickel electroplating process is highly favored in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, especially because it provides a coating that is significantly more resistant to wear. The coating produced by nickel plating forms a dense, uniform metallic layer that protects the base material and reduces friction, thereby reducing wear.

The wear resistance of the nickel layer in the nickel plating process is closely related to the hardness of the plated layer, which is controlled by a number of variables in the plating process, such as the current density, the pH of the bath, the temperature, the composition of the bath, and the use of additives. The hardness of the nickel layer can often be enhanced by adjusting these parameters or by using Bigely nickel electroplating brighteners.

Harder nickel layers provide better wear resistance, which is especially important for parts that are subjected to frequent physical contact or high-speed particle impact. For example, in the automotive industry for engine components, pumps and valves, the wear resistance of these details is critical to overall durability and performance.

In addition, while nickel electroplating already has good wear resistance on its own, other surface treatments are often applied to the nickel plating layer to further enhance its performance, for example, by electroplating hard chrome or applying diamond composite coatings to form a more wear-resistant composite coating. Such composite coatings maintain consistent wear resistance under more severe operating conditions.

In summary, the wear resistance of nickel electroplating depends on the control of the plating process, the use of Bigely nickel electroplating brighteners and the use of sealers for post-treatment. By doing so, the nickel plating layer becomes more wear-resistant, extends the service life of the product, and maintains good functionality and aesthetics. For this reason, nickel electroplating is used in a wide range of industrial applications that require corrosion and wear resistance.

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