What happens to the plating solution if the sulfuric acid is low in the chromium plating process

What happens to the plating solution if the sulfuric acid is low in the chromium plating process

Tue Jan 23 10:46:03 CST 2024

In the process of chromium plating, low sulfuric acid concentration may lead to some malfunctions in the production, which will affect the production progress, therefore, it is necessary to take stock of what problems will be caused, so that we can raise awareness and strictly control the content of the main salt in the plating solution.

1. Reduced current efficiency: One of the roles of sulfuric acid in chromium electroplating solutions is to provide good electrical conductivity so that current can be passed efficiently. If the concentration of sulfuric acid is low, it will result in a decrease in current efficiency, which may result in slower deposition rates and reduced productivity.

2. Plating quality issues: Chrome plating requires good current distribution to form a uniform coating. Too low a concentration of sulfuric acid may result in uneven, rough, bubbly or other defective plating. In some cases, more chromium will be deposited on the edges or raised portions than on the recessed or intermediate portions, a phenomenon known as the edge effect, which may also be exacerbated by low sulfuric acid concentrations.

3. May affect color and gloss: The appearance of the chromium plating may also be affected by improper sulfuric acid concentration, with uneven color or lack of gloss.

4. Changes in electrolyte pH: Changes in the concentration of sulfuric acid may also lead to changes in the pH of the electrolyte, affecting the deposition process of the plated layer.

Therefore, maintaining the proper sulfuric acid concentration in the plating solution is very important to ensure the stability of the chromium plating process and the quality of the plated layer. When customers use Bigely's chrome plating additives, we advise them to strictly control the concentration of sulfuric acid in the chrome plating solution and to maintain the proper level through regular analysis and adjustment. If an abnormal sulfuric acid concentration occurs, adjustments should be made promptly to avoid the problems described above.

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