What happens if there is too much tin plating brightener?

What happens if there is too much tin plating brightener?

Mon Jan 15 09:13:59 CST 2024

Tin plating brightener is a kind of chemical substance added to electroplating tin solution, its purpose is to improve the brightness of the plated layer and the appearance quality of the plated layer, and help to improve the crystalline structure and physical properties of the plated layer. However, the use of tin plating brightener needs to be strictly controlled the amount of its addition, if the brightener is added too much, it may lead to some adverse consequences.

Degradation of plating quality

Excessive tin brightener may cause uneven distribution of the plated layer, resulting in sagging, cracking, or blistering. Excessive organic additives tend to accumulate on the plated layer, forming dark spots or stains that affect the overall appearance of the plated layer.

Coarse plating crystallization

Under normal conditions, brighteners help to refine the crystallization of the plated layer, but over-addition may lead to coarse crystallization of the plated layer.

Reduced weldability of the plating

Tin plating is mainly used for soldering of electronic components. Excessive tin plating brightener will reduce the weldability of the plated layer and affect the soldering quality of electronic components.

Reduction in technical performance

Excessive addition of tin plating brightener may affect the physical and chemical properties of the plated layer, such as electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance may be negatively affected as a result.

Increased cost and difficulty of processing

Excessive amounts of brighteners not only result in wasted raw materials, but can also increase the cost of rework due to plating quality issues. Excessive additives can also make maintenance of the bath more difficult, requiring more frequent adjustments and filtration.

Therefore, when using tin brighteners for plating production, customers should follow the guidelines provided by Bigely and the actual conditions of the plating bath to make up the appropriate amount of additives, as well as regular analysis and maintenance of the plating solution to ensure that the ratio of the plating solution components will not be imbalanced, in order to obtain high-quality tin plating layer.

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