What factors are related to the price of acid copper brightener?

What factors are related to the price of acid copper brightener?

Mon Jun 19 16:19:52 CST 2023

Many customers are sensitive to the price of acid copper brighteners and want to purchase products that are affordable and cost-effective. They often purchase acid copper brighteners that are cheap and have poor performance. So what factors are related to the price of acid copper brightener?

Based on on-site experience and the characteristics of the product acid copper brightener Cu-510, Bigley Technology has analyzed the factors that generally affect the price:

1. Product performance. Some brighteners, due to their excellent product performance such as good filling effect, wide operating range, good adhesion, and high tolerance for impurities, can meet the decorative and functional requirements of workpieces, resulting in higher prices. And products with poor performance will be relatively cheaper in price.

2. The product is unstable. Some brighteners have poor stability during use due to their immature technical formula, and there are many decomposition products of brighteners. Although this type of acid copper brightener is relatively cheap, it has a high failure rate in production, difficult maintenance of the plating solution, and requires a large amount of brightener.

3. The content of Active ingredient in the product is low. Some suppliers are not manufacturers. In order to seek profits, they use water or doping to reduce the Active ingredient of products. Although such brighteners are cheap, the consumption of brighteners during the production process is large and the production cost is high.

Therefore, we can not buy cheap copper acid brightener, but buy copper acid brightener with good performance, good stability and high Active ingredient, such as Bigley Cu-510, which can meet the production requirements, and has low failure rate and low consumption, and can effectively save production costs on the premise of ensuring production efficiency. If you are interested in acid copper brightener, please contact Bigley customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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