What do I need to do about the blistering of bright nickel plating on NdFeB plating?

What do I need to do about the blistering of bright nickel plating on NdFeB plating?

Wed Jan 24 10:33:03 CST 2024

When we use nickel brightening agent, if the coating of NdFeB workpiece is bubbling, it is usually caused by some problems of surface treatment, plating parameters, or plating solution conditions. Therefore, we need to master a set of troubleshooting techniques. There are 8 key points in this set of techniques. Due to the limitation of space, we will discuss 4 of them in this article first.

1. Preparation check:

① Make sure the surface of NdFeB magnet is clean and free of oil, dust or other contaminants.

② NdFeB materials need to go through a pretreatment process to remove oxidized layers and other surface contaminants.

2. Optimization of the pre-treatment process:

① Magnets need to go through degreasing (cleaning) steps to remove grease and organic contaminants.

② For NdFeB specificity, specific pickling or activation steps are required. These steps must be optimized to ensure surface activity, but without excessive corrosion of the material.

3.Plating parameter adjustment:

① Check whether the current density is within the appropriate range, too high or too low current density may lead to plating quality problems.

② Adjust the plating time and plating tank items placed to ensure uniform plating, current distribution.

4. Plating solution management:

① Check that the pH and temperature of the plating solution are within the appropriate range, both of which affect the quality of the plated layer.

② Filter the plating solution periodically to eliminate possible particulate contaminants.

③ Analyze the components in the plating solution to ensure that the content of chemical additives is appropriate.


The four points mentioned above are helpful for solving the failure of NdFeB nickel plating layer. In fact, plating factories can also use this set of methods for daily prevention. When customers use BIGLAY's nickel plating brightener, we will suggest them to manage the process link in advance, so as to minimize the occurrence of failures and maintain the normal operation of the production line.

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