What causes leakage plating in the plastic plating process?

What causes leakage plating in the plastic plating process?

Fri Mar 01 09:14:53 CST 2024

In the actual production, the plastic plating process often has a leakage plating defect, which is a major factor restricting the improvement of the qualified rate. Leakage plating, such as literally means that the plastic parts are not plated with metal, this article we discuss the causes of leakage plating failure and treatment methods.


There are not enough riveting points on the workpiece surface; Or there is too much sol in the roughing solution, and the viscosity is too high, resulting in poor roughing at the blind hole site. In this case, we need to extend the coarsening time and strengthen the coarsening.

Plastic parts contain more impurities

When the plastic plating process is produced, the coarsening liquid is difficult to coarsening the surface uniformly, and the failure caused by this reason will be more serious, which is easy to cause large area of leakage plating and foaming, then we need to adjust to the appropriate coarsening time.

Insufficient activity of palladium water

Insufficient concentration of palladium water components; failure to stir the palladium water when restarting after a long shutdown. How to determine the activity of palladium water? Normal activated rubber parts are generally light brown in color. If it is determined that the palladium water is not sufficiently activated, it is necessary to analyze the concentration of palladium water and replenish the palladium water; in addition, turn on the filtration pump and circulate the palladium liquid when the process is started.

Slow startup of electroless nickel plating

Insufficient electroless nickel composition, pH, temperature and other process conditions. In this case, the following points need to be done:

①Increase the temperature of electroless nickel plating

②Increase the concentration of reducing agent

③ Add ammonia to raise the pH or shut down the electroless nickel filter pump

The reason why there is not enough electroless nickel composition is that many plating factories will use self-made electroless nickel potions, and the formula ratio may be out of balance due to technical immaturity. In order to change this situation, we can choose to use Bigely electroless nickel additives, which are reasonably proportioned and can deposit a thin nickel layer that is smooth, even and with good adhesion on the surface of already activated plastics, and there will be no leakage of plating.

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