What causes alkaline galvanizing to blister?Four directions to help you troubleshoot!

What causes alkaline galvanizing to blister?Four directions to help you troubleshoot!

Sat Jan 06 09:34:16 CST 2024

What is the cause of blistering in alkaline galvanizing process? In addition to the unclean pre-treatment stated in the previous article, you can also investigate from the following 4 directions.

①The oxidized layer is not completely removed

We can check the effect of pickling and descaling, and if no abnormality is found, then we can proceed to the next step of troubleshooting.

②Poor base material

If in the production failure of the alkaline galvanizing process, it is found that the proportion of the galvanizing layer of the workpiece is relatively large, and there are more batches, many workpieces have been mass-produced, and the material factor can be excluded.

③Excessive additives in plating solution

This reason will lead to the zinc coating brittleness. You can arrange the engineer to observe the brightness of the galvanized layer of the foaming workpiece, if the brightness is moderate, then check the record of the addition of the plating solution additive, ask the adjuster whether there is a large adjustment of the solution of the production line, if no anomaly is found, you can rule out this reason.

④ Excessive impurities in plating solution

This reason leads to a large stress in the galvanized layer, and the electroplating factory can analyze the recent analysis results of the metal impurity content of the plating solution to see whether the foreign metal impurities are within the control range.

Bigely alkaline galvanizing brightener

How to judge whether organic impurities and inorganic non-metallic impurities exceed the standard? Since chemical analysis cannot be carried out, it can be judged whether large-scale treatment is needed by checking whether the pre-schedule of the tank maintenance plan of the workshop galvanizing production line is implemented in place.

Good bath maintenance helps to avoid faults such as foaming of the coating. Therefore, when customers use Bigely alkaline galvanizing brightener, we will arrange engineers to provide technical support to help customers control the zinc content, sodium hydroxide content, additives and impurities in the plating solution.

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