What can I do if I add too much potassium chloride galvanizing brightener?

What can I do if I add too much potassium chloride galvanizing brightener?

Thu Dec 21 08:18:01 CST 2023

Let me tell you, in the past cases, we often encountered customers like to overfill the brightener (of course, also added a little), resulting in various defects in the coating, and finally when they sent the faulty plating solution to us for testing, they had to adjust it again, which was a waste of time and cost.

In addition to learning how to determine the amount of potassium chloride galvanizing brightener and how to adjust, We should know more about how to properly replenish the brightener.

Judgment of additive quality concentration

When the PH value and the mass concentration of boric acid and chloride are normal, we will observe the test piece. If the brightness of the coating is insufficient, we can try to add 2mL potassium chloride galvanizing brightener (supplement agent B) to 250mL liquid in Hull cell, and then electroplating 2A × 5min.

At this point two things can happen:

If the brightness of the coating of the test piece is obviously better, it means that the additive is too little; If it doesn't get better, it's probably too much potassium chloride brightener in the solution. If the test piece is played out, the vertical dark stripes are observed in the higher current density area, indicating that there may be too little surfactant in the plating solution, and the softening agent with more carrier brightener should be added.

The failure of galvanizing solution almost always has the problem of excessive additives. In the Hull cell test, if the piece is not bright, it cannot be taken for granted that the additive is less. In most cases, too many additives are added, resulting in the proportion of the bath composition beyond the process range, resulting in poor brightness of the coating.

Bigely potassium chloride galvanizing brightener BZ-528

For example, when too much additives are added, it is easy to cause turbidity in the plating solution, and this will also affect the production. Brutally adding brightener is a backward management method of manual workshops. In today's increasingly competitive world, complying with objective laws and producing according to process specifications is the hard truth to improve the quality of coating.

Therefore, in the production of zinc electroplating, Bigely will ask customers to use potassium chloride galvanizing brightener BZ-528 in accordance with the principle of adding less and adding more diligently, so as to ensure that the proportion of the components of the plating solution will not be out of proportion. This ensures that there is no imbalance in the ratio of the plating solution components and that unnecessary plating failures do not occur.

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