What are the problems caused by insufficient roughening in plastic plating production?

What are the problems caused by insufficient roughening in plastic plating production?

Tue May 21 08:19:30 CST 2024

Inadequate roughening during the plastic plating production process can cause a number of problems that can affect the quality and performance of the final product. The following are problems that may be caused by inadequate roughing:

1. Insufficient adhesion: The main purpose of roughening is to increase the microscopic roughness of the plastic surface in order to improve the adhesion of the metal coating. If the roughening is not sufficient, the plating may not adhere firmly to the plastic surface, causing the plating to peel or come off.

2. Surface unevenness: Roughening also helps to homogenize the surface of the plastic, which, if not done sufficiently, may lead to unevenness of the plating on the surface of the plastic, affecting the quality of the product's appearance.

3. Uneven plating: Plastic surfaces that have not been adequately roughened may result in an uneven distribution of plating, with thicker layers accumulating in some areas and thinner layers in others, which can affect their physical and chemical properties after plating.

4. Holes and inclusions: Insufficient roughening results in a poor bond between the plating and the plastic substrate, which may result in bubbles, holes or other inclusions of impurities in the plating, reducing the smoothness and consistency of the plating.

5. Reduced stability and durability: The stability and durability of the plating are directly affected by adhesion. Inadequate roughening may diminish the abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and long-term stability of the product.

6. Increased handling costs: If products fail due to insufficient roughening, they may need to be reworked or scrapped, thus increasing production costs and time.

In order to avoid these problems, the pre-treatment steps in the plating process of plastics, especially the roughening treatment, must be carried out in strict accordance with the process parameters of Bigely roughening additives to ensure that the desired processing results are achieved. At the same time, the consistency and reliability of the plating layer quality can be maintained through constant quality monitoring and testing.

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