What are the key points for routine maintenance of neutral tin plating solution?

What are the key points for routine maintenance of neutral tin plating solution?

Fri May 31 14:27:32 CST 2024

The pH value of Bigely neutral tin plating process is nearly neutral, which is suitable for the plating of materials susceptible to acid, alkali influence or corrosion, such as special glass, ceramic materials as the substrate of the component solderable ends, leads. So, how should we maintain the plating solution in daily production?

1. After a long time of use, the neutral tin plating solution has almost no change in metal ion concentration and PH value, which means that the tin ions in the plating solution can be maintained by anodic dissolution (except for loss).

2. The pH value of neutral tin plating solution is usually adjusted after adding additives, that is, it is best to measure the pH value after each addition of additives to ensure that the pH value is within the normal range.

3. The most suitable working temperature of the plating solution is 20 ~ 30℃, and the brightness is slightly higher when the temperature is too low, but the plating property and current efficiency are poor; When the temperature is too high, the brightness is poor and the amount of tin increases.

4. The residue and falling dust generated by the anode during electroplating will pollute the plating solution, which will make the plating surface quality worse. It is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the filter during electroplating and regularly treat the plating solution with activated carbon.

5. Anode purity ≥99.9%, anode current density is controlled in the range of 0.5 ~ 4A/dm2, and regularly soak the anode ball with 1:1 sulfuric acid.

Bigely neutral tin plating solution is relatively stable, but in order to stabilize the quality of production, these small details in the usual production should be paid attention to.

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