What are the factors related to the price of zinc plating chemicals?

What are the factors related to the price of zinc plating chemicals?

Tue Aug 09 09:10:48 CST 2022

    With the development of zinc plating technology, zinc plating chemicals are becoming more and more mature. The zinc electroplating chemicals on the market have little difference in function, dosage and use parameters, but the price is quite different. Why?

    1. Cost of technical formulation. An easy-to-use zinc plating chemicals, from R & D, adjustment, testing to customer application, the cost of several processes is not a small amount. Adjusting the ratio of each component in the technical formula to the zinc coating can not only have good brightness, dispersion ability and deep plating ability, but also need to spend high time cost and labor cost.

    2. The of raw materials is irreplaceable. With the increasing market competition, many zinc electroplating chemical suppliers have to consider using cheap raw materials instead of expensive raw materials, and then adjust the price appropriately to alleviate the pressure caused by the price. Some raw materials of zinc plating chemicals cannot be replaced due to functional reasons. Once replaced, it will affect the quality of products.

    3. Labor costs. With the development of society, the work of migrant workers has increased from two or three thousand to five or six thousand, which brings certain pressure to the suppliers of zinc electroplating chemicals.

    4. Transportation costs have increased significantly. Many electroplating plants have moved to remote areas and are far away from zinc electroplating chemical suppliers. In addition, the rise of fuel costs and the increase of various automobile costs have increased the cost of long-distance transportation of zinc electroplating chemicals.

    Therefore, the price of zinc electroplating chemicals is not a unilateral reason, but a combination of the above points. If you want to find an easy-to-use and affordable zinc plating chemical, you can find bz-515 from Bigolly. If you want to know more about zinc plating chemicals, please call us. Bigley technology is at your service at any time.